Paroxetine is extensively metabolized after dental administration. The primary metabolites are polar and conjugated products of oxidation and methylation, which are conveniently cleared. Conjugates with glucuronic acid as well as sulfate predominate, and major metabolites have been separated as well as determined. Data show that the metabolites have no even more than 1/50 the potency of the parent compound at inhibiting serotonin uptake. The metabolic process of Paroxetine is accomplished partially by CYP2D6. Saturation of this enzyme at clinical doses shows up to account for the nonlinearity of Paroxetine kinetics with boosting dosage as well as increasing duration of treatment. The part of this enzyme in Paroxetine metabolism also recommends potential drug-drug communications (see PRECAUTIONS-- Drugs Metabolized by CYP2D6).

About 64 % of a 30-mg dental solution dose of Paroxetine was excreted in the pee with 2 % as the parent substance and also 62 % as metabolites over a 10-day post-dosing duration. Concerning 36 % was excreted in the feces (most likely via the bile), mainly as metabolites and also much less than 1 % as the moms and dad substance over the 10-day post-dosing period. Other Clinical Pharmacology Information Specific Populations Renal and also Liver Disease.

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Raised plasma attentions of Paroxetine occur in subjects with hepatic and kidney disability. The mean plasma concentrations in individuals with creatinine clearance listed below 30 mL/min. was around 4 times more than viewed in normal volunteers. People with creatinine clearance of 30 to 60 mL/min. and individuals with hepatic functional impairment had about a 2-fold rise in plasma attentions (AUC, Cmax).

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